понеделник, 21 юли 2014 г.

Lovely Summer time

Last 2 weeks I take my summer vacation. At this time I work for my tan and on several digital goods. Final results are two new scrapbooking kits and one birthday calendar. All these are available at my shop DesignOnALara. Compatible with many different digital scrapbooking software programs.

Today I present you my favorite and one of my best work, by my opinion of course ;) 

Lovely Gardentime

For you I made 2 different scrapbook pages with the same elements from my kit Lovely Gardentime (may be it`s time to have creative tim). Download them HERE.

And of course, Lovely Gardentime is free at Artscow (Scrapbook kits can be used in photo books, calendars, and other photo gifts.  Just click "Add to My Kits", it will show up in both "My Kits" and Silverlight Photobook Designer's Kits section. Therefore, add your favorite free kits to "My Kits", they will be free for lifetime in your account. Even the kits designers change to paid kits later, it will still remain free in your account), don`t forget to check all free kits there!

I used the same kit to make Printable Lovely Gardentime Birthday Calendar!
Now on half price, for only 1.50$ at Design On A Lara!

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