четвъртък, 24 април 2014 г.

Full Print Recycle Bag

New from ArtsCow and new from me. Artscow shall offer for sale new full print bag (in 4 size: S, M, L and XL). Unlike other bags, this brand new recycle bag features double sided, full custom printing. You can design the bag with your favorite photos, artworks or messages. This personalized bag is valuable for the grandparents to look at their children faces every day and reminiscing about the sweetest family memories. It is totally gender neutral, great bag to carry to work, gym, or grocery shopping. 
Reusable bag revolution is in full swing. If you are tired of throwing away bag after bag, a recycle bag is definitely the way to go! This bag is customizable with your own photos and design, perfect for those who do not want to sacrifice on style while opting for a green lifestyle. Lightweight and sturdy, this reusable bag is able to sustain a load of up to 15kg and comes with its own carry case.

And I design some free templates. Check them and take a view. I really need feedback.

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